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Keep your insurance valid in case of fire and keep in line with Health & Safety Regulations.

Clean Kitchen Extraction!

We can transform your kitchen extraction system and remove grease from where normal cleaning can't.

Duct Cleaning

Grease and grime catches fire easily and causes unhygienic odours, we can remove grease and grime!

Parts Cleaning

Grease and grime slows fans down causing faults and costing more in energy bills.

Vent Cleaning

Grease marks, discoloration and unhygienic germs and bacteria can all be removed!

Duct Cleaning

Health, Safety & Compliance

Extractor Cleaning

Air extract system cleaning

Kitchen Deep Clean

Efficient and Fast Service

Canopy Cleaning

Thorough commercial canopy cleaning

Oven Cleaning

Domestic and Commercial

Restaurants & Hotels

Commercial kitchen cleaning services


Health Care sector duct & kitchen cleaning

Welcome to Commercial Duct Cleaning Services!

We clean all types of commercial ducting. Contact us for a quotation today!

Based in Galway we specialise in Commercial Duct Cleaning Services. Insurance companies now insist on Duct Cleaning to enable Fire Insurance cover for premises with a commercial kitchen. We provide certificates to prove you have had the ducts in your premises cleaned to the specified standards. We also provide the required documentation for Health and Safety standards.

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